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Lead Transformational Schools at DCPS
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Reach new heights as a leader. Develop new strengths in your team. Build a school that defies expectations for all students. At DCPS, you’ll get the tools, talent and flexibility you need to help teachers and students succeed together.

A VISIONARY DISTRICT THAT PUTS STUDENTS FIRST. We’re building a district where everyone is deeply committed to getting things done for students. We’ve got big goals for our schools, and know that great school leaders are key to our success.

COMPREHENSIVE TOOLS AND SUPPORT. DCPS helps principals do their best work. Tools like the Leadership Framework and IMPACT evaluation system outline a vision for excellence and set clear standards for success. And development opportunities – including individual support from experienced instructional superintendents and a Georgetown Executive Master’s in Leadership program – ensure that principals grow as much as their teachers.

THE FLEXIBILITY THAT REAL LEADERSHIP REQUIRES. In too many districts, principals find that their hands are tied when it comes to important decisions, particularly about who’s in their building. Not here. We’re giving principals the flexibility they need to build strong teams, hold high standards for everyone, and focus on what matters most: giving every student in their care a great education.

THE RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE FOR RISING TO THE CHALLENGE. DCPS offers extremely competitive principal salaries, including up to $25,000 in annual performance bonuses beginning with the 2012-13 school year. We also honor exceptional school leaders with a Standing Ovation awards gala at the Kennedy Center.

School by school, great leaders are achieving great results and overcoming a legacy of low expectations for high-poverty students. Join us and help lead the charge. Learn more on the main DCPS website.

LEAP (LEarning together to Advance our Practice)

DCPS is one of the fastest improving urban school districts in America. In fact, over the past decade, we've nearly doubled the number of students who are proficient in reading and math. As a result of our progress, more and more families are choosing DCPS for their childen.

We’re making an unprecedented investment in our teachers. To help ensure that every child experiences outstanding instruction every single day in our district, next year, we’re launching a new professional learning program called LEAP (LEearning together to Advance our Practice).

We are helping teachers hone their crafts. At its core, LEAP is about creating content-specific professional learning communities (LEAP Teams) in our schools. Through LEAP, teachers will learn about and apply the latest Common Core instructional practices with their peers. They’ll also get weekly observations and feedback from content experts. In short, we’re aiming to make DCPS the best place in America to become an expert teacher.

Take the LEAP and join DCPS! If you love helping support teachers, come join us as a LEAP Team Leader. LEAP Teams will be led by educators who are experts in a particular content area. The team leaders can be a Teacher Leader (a teacher who teaches part-time and coaches part-time), an Instructional Coach (who coaches full-time), or an Assistant Principal (who coaches 75% of the time and supports other school-wide initiatives 25% of the time).

The LEAP Teacher Leader, Instructional Coach, and Assistant Principal applications have closed for the 2016-2017 school year..

"I know that I am morally obligated to provide children with a high quality education. The decisions that I make will have an impact on students, teachers, and the community I service for an eternity."

– Tenia Pritchard, Principal of Whittier Education Campus

Principal candidates will follow the steps below. Learn more about princial salary and eligibility and certification in DCPS. 

1. ONLINE APPLICATION. Upload a resume, answer three essay questions (1.5 hours).

2. PHONE INTERVIEW. Interview with the DCPS school leader selection team (45 minutes).

3. IN-PERSON INTERVIEW. Meet with representatives from the Office of Human Capital, the Office of the Chief Academic Officer and/or DCPS instructional superintendents and principals (2 hours). Complete a reference check.

4. CHANCELLOR'S INTERVIEW. Participate in a one-on-one interview with Chancellor Kaya Henderson (20 minutes).

5. COMMUNITY PANEL INTERVIEWS. Meet with a panel including school community members, parents, faculty, staff and students of schools with principal vacancies. The panels make a hiring recommendation to the Chancellor.

To learn more about the "Mary Jane Patterson Fellowship," DCPS’s aspiring principal program, please click here.


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